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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Darfur Poetry (Written by a Darfurian)

Darfur is a Casualty

Worry nights about poor babies
whose life on the ground resources
Still waiting for the cloud raining
cleans starvation conflict boiling
The youth instead of standing by
They left Darfur to North Sky

Music of Darfur drums noising
not only for singing and dancing
neither for harvest nor collecting
only for chairs politicians are fighting
also for diet many people are suffering
The youth instead of standing by
They left Darfur for North Sky

Darfur is a great mother of men
she paid for now and then
but nature of life is often
loses hand of generous thieving smile
wonderful world beautiful people exile!
and the robust case which is alive
When do we build responsible life?
The youth instead of standing by
They left Darfur to North Sky


(This poem was written by somebody I have come to know in this area. He does not want me to post his name since he is afraid.)


UrSuLa Groenewald said...

Moving words.
Wishes to a country in conflict;
Throw away the judgements and resentments,
Let Love filter through and heal the nation;,
Love & Peace to all

Werner K said...

The man who wrote the poem has changed his mind and said I may reveal his identity. He is Mr Mohammed Adam Qarad, one of our interpreters. Good luck to you and your countrymen.

Erin Taylor said...

incredibly powerful. keep writing and eventually your voice will reach thousdands. I am sharing your poetry with my class along with a report about Darfur and its people in my world poetry class. You will reach at least fifty people through me alone.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a 11th grade student in America. I am also going to feature your poem in a report about the genocide in Darfur in my Human Rights and Genocide class. Hopefully it will teach many lessons to my fellow students.