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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Village Layout

This is the typical layout of a village, but in smaller ones the plots are rounder. Note in the bottom left corner a building standing off-line with the rest. This is a mosque and of course they always face Mecca so they will usually be off-line. This specific village is near enough to El Fashier to almost be a suburb of the larger town. Posted by Picasa

Flat Terrain

One of the most amazing things about this country is the sudden change from flat terrain to mountains and spectacular hills. The previous photos show hills, yet a few kilometres further on one finds this flat terrain. The dark patch is a village, probably abandoned. Posted by Picasa

Needle Peak

This needle point peak is between El Fashier and El Geneina. One has to fly over it to realise how spectacular it is. Posted by Picasa


When flying from El Fashier to El Geneina or in the other direction one sees at least half a dozen hills like this. Are they extinct volcanoes? I have not yet found anybody that could tell me. Posted by Picasa

Chopper Viewing

On my way to El Fashier yesterday, looking out over West Darfur. The man on the left is a very friendly guy from Cameroon, Maj Andre. Posted by Picasa

Sign of Life

Some water in the wadi near my base. Posted by Picasa

El Geneina Town from above

This is what El Geneina town looks like. In Arabic El Geneina means "The Garden." Posted by Picasa

El Geneina

I took this photo of our base as we flew over it yesterday in an Mi 8. I still have eight months left in it. Posted by Picasa

Roof Fans for the SAPS

My South African colleagues have become tired of the intense heat in their tent and have bought and installed roof fans. Just wait for August, then the real heat will be here. Posted by Picasa

Flash Sundown

I took this photo two evenings ago from inside our base at El Geneina. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Fridge

Having a fridge over here is very important. I bought it the day before I left. My tent is reasonably cosy and would have been perfect, but for the heat. One can never relax in this heat. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Balloons

We were not the only balloons in the sky. Posted by Picasa

Hot Air Balloon

Here I was in a hot air balloon over Luxor. We had to get up early to see the sun rise. What an absolute pleasure! Posted by Picasa

My Feet and the Red Sea

What you do not see is the Pino Colada in my hand. I took this picture at the beach of my 5 Star hotel in Hurghada. Posted by Picasa

Culinary Delight

The chefs aboard my boat had us eat the best dishes imagineable. Posted by Picasa

Nile Sunrise

The next morning. Posted by Picasa

Nile Sunset

Sunset at the end of day 1. Posted by Picasa

Nile Bridge

My cruise ship passing under a bridge over the river Nile. I sat on deck drinking free beer, swimming and tanning. Posted by Picasa

Abu Simbel Temple

 Posted by Picasa


Taken near my hotel at Aswan from a Faluka. Posted by Picasa

Philae Temple

Philae Temple is near Aswan and had to be relocated from its original position to this current position after the building of the Aswan Dam flooded the original island it was on. Posted by Picasa

Aswan Hotel

This was the view from my hotel at Aswan. To the left was more Nile. Posted by Picasa

Camel Pose

I posed for this picture. How can I go to Egypt and not pose atop a Camel? Posted by Picasa

Mounted at the Pyramids

We took a slow ride to the panorama lookout point at the Pyramids of Giza and stopped on our way for this picture. Wow, I still cannot believe I was there. Posted by Picasa

First Sight on the Pyramids

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