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Saturday, July 08, 2006

London Terror

On 7 July 2005 the lives of many Londoners were changed forever when four cowards exploded bombs in the London Subway and on a bus. These excuses for men did not care if women and children died or any innocent people for that matter. Yesterday the whole of that city became quiet at exactly noon and took a moment to remember that terrible day.

May these attacks and any future terror attacks on the world only serve to strengthen the resolve of the people being targeted not to submit to fear of terrorism. If these murderers keep us off the streets and in our homes then they are winning; whatever it is they want to be victorious at.

Also here in Darfur do we have people who think they have the right to decide on the lives of so many innocent people. May they never find the heaven they think they are going to and may they end up in the same place as the people they murder.

God bless London. God bless Darfur. God bless us all.