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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Party in Full Swing

By this time the party was in full swing. Thankfully nobody comes to make you quiet in Sudan. Posted by Picasa


Orangeblossom said...

This scene almost looks like it could of been in someone's back patio in SA, with a braai going on, the beer flowing and the sokkie musiek full blast!!! Glad you can still have fun in your current surroundings - it says a lot :)

Werner K said...

We enjoyed it. I wish I could have gone to the Earthdance though. Cath, please check your e-mail settings since I am apparently blocked from sending you e-mails.

Orangeblossom said...

You will be there in spirit at earthdance! you can try emailing me at

My work IT have stupid firewalls and block everything.

Ill email you again with my alternative email addys!

Anonymous said...

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