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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Soccer Goals

I thought this would be appropriate as we near the most exciting part of the World Cup. This sand soccer field is right next to our base, but I have never seen anybody play there. By the way, sorry to the German supporters, but I do think Italy will go on to take the cup this time. The World Cup is quite a happening in our base and for almost every game the messes are packed. Posted by Picasa


Orangeblossom said...

I am supporting Italy too (but this may be more due to the eye candy fest than actual talent!!) But I beleive they are a good team, not that I am a football fan at all (although I played hockey so I can appreciate the tactics and formations as they are similar) But enjoy the game on Sunday!

Werner K said...

Naughty girl. Strange, but I kind of have a thing for Italian women. There is no substitute for talent and Italy has and always had a lot of that. Let's hope they win. Enjoy the game!

Anonymous said...

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