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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thumbs Up

I do not know who this is, but he is South African. Thanks SSgt Arrie Burger for this and the other photos in this post. Posted by Picasa

Air Assault

The soldiers of 6 SAI Bn are Air Assault trained and love helicopters. Unfortunately in Sudan the elements working with us were not and the mission was observation. Air Assault tactics would have been perfect to track down and neutralise beligerants who maim and kill innocent civilians in Darfur. Very few ever get away from a good tracker and helicopter-bourne reaction force. Posted by Picasa


One of the reasons why we are the best in Africa is because we do constant training. Here the South Africans do musketry training in Sector 6. South African soldiers are trained to fire well-aimed shots. With the R 4 rifle a South African soldier is a world class fighting man. Posted by Picasa

South African Patrol Preparation

Before a patrol the South Africans in Sector 6 do an organised and structured final inspection before going. Sector 6 is currently still the most dangerous sector in Darfur. Posted by Picasa


This is a photo of Kutum base in Sector 6. The vehicles in the foreground are the South African Army's new Mamba Mk III's. Posted by Picasa

Speak no Evil, See no Evil, Hear no Evil

Need I say more? On the left is Arrie and on the right Carl Fuller, a good friend of mine. Unfortunately I do not know the other guy. Posted by Picasa


These Casspirs were stationed at Kutum. These are armed with twin 7,62mm FN MAG general purpose machine guns, although in South Africa we call them Light Machine Guns. Casspirs have been faithful servants to many South African soldiers in the past and have ensured the safety of many fighting men. The conditions in Sector 6 are ideal for the rugged high-speed cross-country abilities of the Casspir. Posted by Picasa

South African Soldiers

I got this photo from Arrie Burger taken in Kutum, Sector 6, just to indicate the morale and discipline of our soldiers over there. They have done well and Arrie's platoon was involved in a contact about four weeks ago. At least five rebels or militia were killed and only one of ours wounded through both legs. Now these guys are back in South Africa. Well done, boys. Posted by Picasa


From left is Sherif, yours truely and Foot. We had this photo taken today in preparation for my moving to El Fashier on Saturday, hopefully. I will be working in El Fashier for the last six months of my deployment as a writer. I will miss all my friends and especially Sherif who has been a true friend. Funny how one always makes the best friends on deployment. Good luck, guys and wish me luck. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sunset Welcome

This was tonight's sunset in El Geneina. Posted by Picasa

Large and in Charge

RSM (Regimental Sergeant-Major) Richardson of 6 SA Infantry Battalion (my unit in South Africa) taking charge of the guys as they prepare to board the plane to return to South Africa. I wish I was them. Posted by Picasa

Old Friend

On Tuesday the current South Africans of sector 6 were going home after completing their six months. I found SSgt Arrie Burger at the shop next to the AMIS HQ. We have had quite an impressive career together. The guy looking happy with the world at the far end of the table is Dusch. Posted by Picasa

Leaving Dubai

As I flew out of Dubai to complete my last six months in Darfur. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Ursula and I went sailing one day in Table Bay. I never before realised how much fun sailing could be. The champagne was very good as well. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006

Ursula in Thought

Ursula trying to decide what to have at this one great little restaurant we stopped at. Posted by Picasa

South African Wine

On my wine-tasting tour in the Franschoek Valley I had some of the world's best wines to try. What a great experience. These wines really are world beaters. Posted by Picasa

Cape Wine Route

Ursula and I used one day to go wine tasting and I took this photo of one of the many wine farms we visited. Ursula drove so I really enjoyed the wine, which is the best in the world. Posted by Picasa

In Katberg

Near Queenstown is a nice little resort called Katberg (Cat Mountain) where I spent a weekend with my family except for mom and dad. What I remember best is the great food we had there. Here you can see me having a drink in the bar lounge and Carike is also in the photo. Posted by Picasa

Carike and my Car

My sister Carike looking as gorgeous as ever in my car, which she is driving until I am done here. Posted by Picasa

The Klokow Family

From left is my stepmother Magda, Dewald, Gunther, Carike, Melissa (Dewald's girlfriend) and lastly my dad who is still recovering from a head-on collision he had a month before I came to Sudan. Posted by Picasa

My Birth Town

This is East London, where I was born and strangely enough Brian as well. Posted by Picasa

Snow in South Africa

On my flight from Johannesburg to East London I took this photo of snow on the mountains of the Eastern Cape. I missed the worst cold. Posted by Picasa

Cafe Latte in Dubai

On my way to South Africa I had the opportunity to have a coffee in the Dubai Airport terminal. It is one large building and a shopping paradise. Posted by Picasa


The Acropole is a descent well-priced hotel with wireless internet most frequented by reporters and journalists. I was accommodated in this fine establishment just before I flew to the RSA. Posted by Picasa

Braaiing Prowess

Lt Col Barendse with Brian preparing our braai just before I left for my recent leave in South Africa. Posted by Picasa