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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Armed to the Teeth

The AMIS patrols in this sector are much better armed now than when I arrived here eight months ago. These soldiers are Rwandan since this is a Rwandan sector. By the way, yesterday I had 99 days left on the mission. Posted by Picasa


Martha said...

First I want to say that I really enjoy checking your blog - thanks for posting all the pictures and commentary! I linked to you from my blog,, recently.

I just wanted to ask why you say that it is unfortunate that the soldiers in your photo are Rwandan.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work in your last 99 days!

Werner K said...

Hi, Martha. I had included another sentence previously in that post. The sentence read "unfortunately I do not think the weapon can fire to the sides". I then removed the sentence and accidentally left the word "Unfortunately" behind. I apologise if it might have given the wrong impression, but these things do happen. I have now removed the word. Take care and thank you for visiting my blog.

Martha said...

Thanks for responding! It makes much more sense now. I've just entered the blogging world and understand how typos and other typing issues can cause confusion. Thanks again for answering my question. Take care!

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