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Sunday, March 18, 2007


On Friday it was my turn to cook and lately we have acquired two British guys in the house so I decided to go through some trouble to prepare a traditional South African dish. "Potjiekos" if translated directly means small pot food. It is basically a stew prepared in a cast iron pot over an open fire. The cast iron pot provides the unique flavour. Usually "potjiekos" takes hours to prepare so it is a very good way to socialise while waiting for the food to be ready. For recipes go here.

Further news is that the South Africans to replace us are currently in Addis Abbeba and will be arriving here on Wednesday. We will leave when the African Union pays us.


Aaron in South Sudan said...

How soon can you be down in Upper Nile to cook that here? ;)

Hope things work out for you with the AU and payment, it's been a real eye opener for me reading your account of mismanagement and frustration. Thanks for your honesty Werner.

Anonymous said...

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