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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Problem with Almost Going Home

We have done our part, spent a year in Darfur as promised, but now we have to wait for news on when we go home. All we have to go on are possibilities and rumours. We have successfully cleared out so we are officially off the AMIS system, but we have to wait to be paid and then we should know for when our airline tickets have been booked. Since we have to be paid up to the day we leave they have to know when we leave for us to get all our money, so it is ligical that when we get our money we will be told when we fly out. All we are certain of is that it will probably be with Ethiopian- or Kenyan Airlines with stops over at either Nairobi or Addis Abbeba respectively.

General consensus has it that since outgoing Ghanians were paid the day before yesterday and Senegalese yesterday we should be paid today if there is enough money left. That would mean that we were booked on the first available flight that had twenty two seats open, which could mean that we could be flying anywhere from Tuesday to Sunday, but the fact is we just do not know.

I have no real problem with not knowing when we fly out since every day I stay the AU has to fork out more money to pay me and the others, but I am not married. Those guys who are married have absolutely nothing to tell their wives and their wives, it seems to me, are tired and frustrated with their husbands not coming home. We have a number of guys who are going home now who had children just before or while being deployed here and their better halves have had to take care of their new family members' upbringing all on their own. It is understandeable up to a point, but now AMIS could go through some trouble to inform us when we go home so that we can begin planning realistically. Our lives did not stop when we came to help the people of Darfur.

As one could imagine every day we spend here we are double paid with the new South Africans who are here to replace us so again money is wasted. It is also a fact that the longer we stay the more money will be needed to pay us, which in turn means that every day we stay here the chances of there being enough money in El Fashier to pay us becomes slimmer. Once again the situation could escalate into a massive over payment so I hope that they know what they are doing.

To the people who constantly ask us when we come home we can only say that we really do not know. We will inform everybody who should know as soon as we know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service, Werner.

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