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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yesterday in El Fashier Market

Yesterday I went to the market with Colonel Ahmed. It may be one of the last times I see El Fashier Market. We may be leaving within ten days. Tomorrow, 12 March, the South Africans who are to relieve us are flying to the AU HQ in Addis Abbeba. Realistically speaking it cannot be long from now before we leave unless the AU is unable to pay us in which case we will stay until we receive our money.


Martha said...

Best of luck in your final days in Darfur! Will you continue to blog after you leave? I have valued your insights so much and have frequently linked to them at my blog, It would be amazing if someone else from the mission on the ground would continue to update the world in the way you have - either on this blog or somewhere else. Again, best of luck.

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