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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back in the RSA

Driving from the airport in Johannesburg to Pretoria. What a sweet feeling to be back home. After three days of demobilisation we were allowed to go to our homes. Even though I was happy to arrive home I am still thinking about the people of Darfur. My thoughts are with you.


Anonymous said...

hello Werner, welcome back to RSA, and also welcome back from ur short break, hope to read an email from u soon... salam
Lt. Col. Ehab, El Fasher

ehab said...

Hello Werner,
Happy to see your inputs again, welcome back home, and welcome back from the short break.
Hope to receive e-mail from you soon.
Lt. Col. Ehab Nazih
El Fasher
The Egyptian House (South African House Previously) :)

RobC said...

Glad to see you back Werner... watch out for the Taxis! :-)

Kizzie said...

Hey there,
Amazing blog...too bad I started reading it after you left Darfur.
Thanks for your work there:)

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