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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Final Payment

The night before we flew out from El Fashier to Khartoum we received all our money. Actually that is not true; I had $505 deducted for meal tickets. I was very upset about this since for the last six months I had only prepared my own food bought with my own money from South Africa. Not once did I eat at an AMZAR mess for those six months except for the three days when I visited the South Africans at Mahla. The other strange thing is that I am the one who had the largest deduction, but almost all of my colleagues leaving with me ate at such messes for the whole year. When I asked about this I was told to come back tomorrow, the day when we fly out. This situation has been happening with all previous MILOBS who had been completed their missions as well. When they get paid they have randon deductions for meal tickets and nobody can explain or show exact figures for why this money is deducted. All of them are told to come back the next day, but of course there is no time.