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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Movement to Critical Mass for World Peace

I know what you are thinking; "world peace", is that not what beauty pageant contestants say to be politically correct? Yes it is and it still sounds good. It still sounds like something we all want. The problem is the small minority who do not want a world in peaceful existance are actively achieving that because the rest of us just want to live happy uncomplicated lives so unless something involves us directly we do not really make an effort. We are the majority, but while we remain quiet our combined power does nothing to achieve that which we want for our children. If we mobilised we would change the world.

So what do we need? We need to move towards critical mass so to speak. We need to make our voices heard and do so constantly. Only if each of us do what we can can we make a difference. All combined voices turn into a din then into a murmur and ends in a crescendo. That will be the day we reach critical mass and peace has a life of its own. There is one thing I am sure of; a world of peace is imminent. It is only a matter of time so if you partake or not it makes no actual difference. The problem is what will our planet look like when we reach that day? What irreparable damage would we have inflicted on Planet Earth?

So make an effort to propagate a world of peace and a planet that is inheritable to our children, now. Start with your family, join or start community drives, write books, make movies and documentaries and create noise. Later it will become organised and once it becomes organised it turns into a symphony for peace. The day will come when people like John Lennon will be seen as visionaries, but you must carry the torch forward and just do something.

Do yourself a favour and read this article at Sudan Watch for further inspiration.

Peace, love and goodwill to you all.


gary said...

> The day will come when people like John Lennon will be seen as visionaries

I already do. As I see it, world peace will not happen until we fundamentally change the structure of the UN, specifically...

In other words, stop letting dictators dictate. That's my 2-cents...


Critical Mass 11:11 said...

Dear Werner,

Thank you for your blog and great quote -- loving what you do makes all the difference.

Please take a look at our newly created blog focusing on World Peace thru Critical Mass.

The first event is taking place this Friday, January 11th at 11:11am. I hope you can join us!

Here's to a happier, more peaceful year ahead.

Bloggers for Peace Unite!

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