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Monday, June 11, 2007

My List of 10 Interesting Websites

During my year in Darfur I often had to find ways of keeping myself busy so I found myself surfing the web a lot. I have discovered a large amount of good websites that are both useful and entertaining. I have made a list of ten of my favourites for you to visit. Enjoy.

The University of Texas at Austin has an excellent selection of Maps. These were very useful in helping me do my work as a Military Observer.

The Generator Blog will keep you busy for hours to days. From useful to silly.

Subtopia has an amazing amount of informative and maps with statistics.

With Tickle you can learn so much about yourself, including your IQ and what kind of job is suitable for you.

The Atlas at Fresh Logic Studios is very handy for seeing where places are, planning your vacations and anything else that require you to know where places are.

This List on Listible has some amazing online tool links. Going through it will keep you very busy.

Remember the Milk is a great task management and reminder website.

At Win Add-ons you will find an excellent collection of free software. Everything you need is here.

Arts and Letters Daily will keep you busy for hours.

Beyond Weird has some very interesting subjects and resources. You will find at least a couple of them very interesting.