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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Go Nicole Smalkowski

I accidentally came upon this video concerning a girl called Nicole Smalkowski from Hardesty School, Texas County in the United States of America. She has been singled out for being an Atheist and not wanting to take part in "The Lord's Prayer" before a basketball match. Apparently the other kids and, wait for it, even the staff, have called her names including devil worshipper and have told her to get out of America.

I am assuming that what has happened is the truth and for that reason would like to wish her all the best of luck in her fight against oppression. I always thought Christianity was all about love; where is the love in this case? The people who are involved in this should also remember that the law does not make provision for any kind of legality being decided on religious beliefs so in the end she will have her day in court.

As we forgive those who trespass against us ...Nicole, you and your family are in my thoughts since I believe that freedom of religion was not practiced in this case.


Anonymous said...

nobody ever called her devil-worshiper... i want you to watch this video of yours again... at the end of the lords prayer a teammate gave her a hug. most of the teammates got along with nicole just fine, but her parents used her to sue the school to get money. so she is courageous but not in the way you seem to think... she has to live with parents who care more about themselves than her. its a sad world we live in... (dont believe everything you hear, the media twists things, and her parents embraced that) if your wondering why i can make these bold statements, its because i was a member of that basketball team, and she was my friend.

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