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Monday, July 16, 2007

Life is what we Make of it

I tend to think a lot and the one things that is reinforced with me all the time is that life actually is what you make of it. The only people who determine our tomorrows are us, no matter if you are a soldier or a politician or priest. Because of the power of visualisation we invariably end up where we see ourselves. Therefor if you picture yourself as a struggler you go through life struggling. Is it not strange that the stories we hear of the successful people of the world includes them playing at what they would become one day when they grew up. They visualised themselves as movie stars or soldiers or what ever and that is where they would find themselves later in life.

We all know that when you are in a good mood nothing can disturb that mood; thus is the power of the mind. Remember that first time when you fell in love and you will remember that all the things that usually bother you simply do not matter anymore during this period. The mind is powerful ... do not fill it with negative thoughts ... or it may destroy you. Fill it with love and light and you will realise you do not have to wish for a better future.

You are already here ...


Orangeblossom said...

Ah, I love that picture Werner - can I copy it for one of my future blogs? My friend Justin has a poster of it in his room and I just love it.

I actually just want to paste that whole entry on my blog!

How are you? Hope life is treating you very well :)

Cath xxx

Werner K said...

Hi, Cath. You are welcome to the picture and the entry. I hope you are doing well. It is good hearing from you again. Take care.

Anonymous said...

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