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Friday, July 06, 2007

Looking for Yoko Lena

Hi to everybody. I found this under the comments on the last post on Sudan Watch. Can anybody help to find this lady?

Dear Sir,
a very good friend of mine Capt. Gautam Sharma who served Sudan as UN Peace Keeper - he was from Indian Contingent. He served from 2005-6 to Feb 2007. He was a young boy of just 26 years. On June 3rd while on duty in Kashmir valley in India - he was killed.
He had a very good friend in Sudan (Khartoum or Dafur - am not sure) her name is Yoko Lena (she is a Japanese lady working for UN child protection scheme).
I am desperately trying to trace her. Could u please help me? I want to give her this sad news.
My name Ranjit Kumar Das, I am from Shillong/Meghalaya/India. my email is
Can anybody please help me?
Thanks and May God Bless you.
My condolences to Capt Sharma's family and to Yoko.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
This is Ranjit Kumar Das here, by chance I found my message posted in your blogspot. I had also posted the my message in Thanks to all of you, I could finally trace Ms Yoko lena. Some good samaritan passed on my message to her in Tokyo. Some days back she called me up from Tokyo. I am thankfull to all for the helping hand in tracing Yoko. Thanks again. May God bless and protect u all. And long live the WWW :)

Anonymous said...

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