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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Training with Lasers

In my unit as in our country the government tries to save as much money as possible when it comes to training our soldiers. Therefor we have an alternative to live ammunition shooting where we use lasers. You fire at the targets at the front and your shots are displayed on the PC screen, which can be lowered for when you fire from the prone position. The system analyses what mistakes you made and tells you how to correct them. In the South African Army we concentrate a lot of energy on teaching our soldiers how to shoot accurately. Soldier to soldier we have some of the best riflemen in the world and our attention to musketry training assures we have an advantage to many armies in the world today.


magnus said...

Your new south africa looks rather shambloic to all except those closest to it. Take care as you seem to be a nice man, however history has shown us that nice men are used until they no longer have anything more to give. Then they are killed off.
I remember 1 SAI in the good old days when we were fighting the communists you now serve! How sick this joke is if only it was not real...

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