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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some Thoughts on Being a South African

Only the Free State has thunderclouds like this. When it's hot you just know these clouds will bring thunder rain and hail. Since I have not yet been to the American Midwest I cannot compare them to that area, but I think they could come close. Thank god we do not get many tornadoes in South Africa. Thinking of it we are actually quite lucky in this country. Almost no natural disasters, great weather, a growing economy, great beer, probably the most beautiful women in the world. Then we have a tremendously diverse natural habitat with millions (I think) species of Fauna and Flora. We have a country where we are also incredibly diverse in the people we have here. I think that diversity will become one of our major strengths. Our beaches are breathtaking, our people are friendly, our food is excellent and we are the World Champions in rugby; for the second time!

Thinking of it, even our national flag has been in space. By the way, is that not a beautiful flag we have. Of course we have Nelson Mandela who is a South African admired by the whole world and together with F.W. de Klerk, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Chief Albert Luthuli have won the Nobel Peace Prize. How many countries can say they have four Nobel Peace Laureates?

Is it not amazing how lucky we actually are? I have been to many African countries and believe you me we have very little to complain about. Thank you to all those South Africans who have given us what we have today and yes, things may not be perfect, but are things meant to be perfect?

Dedicated to my 40 million neighbours. May God bless you all.