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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Laurent Nkunda Factor

Laurent Nkunda is currently the main hurdle the Congolese have to overcome on their way to peace and security. Currently UN forces are actively engaging this man in an effort to bring him to justice. I found the following information on him from Wikipedia:

Laurent Nkundabatware or Laurent Nkunda Batware (born February 2, 1967) is a former General in the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is the current leader of a rebel faction operating in the province of Nord-Kivu, sympathetic to Congolese Tutsis and the Tutsi-dominated government of neighbouring Rwanda. Nkunda, who commands former RDC troops of the 81st and 83rd Brigades of the DRC Army, has been indicted for war crimes in September 2005 and is under investigation by the International Criminal Court.

According to human rights monitors such as Refugees International, Nkunda's troops have been alleged to have committed acts of murder, rape, and pillaging of civilian villages; a charge which Nkunda denies. Amnesty International says his troops have abducted children as young as 12 and forced them to serve as child soldiers.

Nkunda claims to be a devout Pentecostal Christian and says most of his troops have converted as well.

In August 2007, the area under Nkunda's control lay in a crescent nearly 100 km long starting from a position in the mountains 15 km west of Sake, running north between Masisi and Kiroliwe, turning east through his headquarters at Kichanga, going as far as Rutshuru. In this crescent, Nkunda:

* runs his own radio station, police force and courts
* has appointed his own priest
* formed his own political party, the National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP).
* has flown his own flag and declared a new country, the "Land of the Volcanoes"
* levies taxes, especially on trucks, artisan mining, and trade
* has demanded people submit to ideological training, and profess loyalty to the party.

In August 2007 Nkunda was seen wearing a button that reads "Rebels for Christ." The Washington Post reported that "armed with a sense of righteousness fortified by visiting American evangelical Christian groups, Nkunda has in recent months been carrying out attacks against village after village."

Nkunda and his backers in the Rwandan government are accused of smuggling minerals out of North Kivu to Rwanda, specifically cassiterite, an ore of tin, and pyrochlore, an ore of niobium, used in heat-resistant alloys. It is said that the control of the production and smuggling of these minerals is fuelling the continued violence, hence the term "blood minerals". The sources lie near Walikale, Masisi and Rutshuru, areas in which Nkunda has been active. His soldiers occupied the Lueshe Mine up to mid-2006, and in his base town, Kichanga, there is processing factory which can refine pyrochlore from the Lueshe Mine north of Rutshuru


UrSuLa Groenewald said...

Vrede en Veiligheid vir jou en jou troepe.
Ek kry visione van die movie Blood Diamond, en kan nie eers myself voorstel hoe dit moet wees om daar in die midde van dit alles te moet wees nie.
Krag en Kalmte en Liefde vir julle daar.

Anonymous said...

The LRA are not (as far as I know) connected with Laurent Nkunda, although that could be different now. Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, and runs it (as far as anyone can tell) loosely along pseudo-Christian-Islamic-Animist lines, with his main goal being to overthrow the Ugandan government and run the country according to the 10 Commandments (all of which he has violated)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the sick nkunda, it is sad to know that the international community is playing a deep hypocricy, thinking that the congolease people are naive. America and its alies ran into Afganistan and Iraq based on a blattant lie. Now they use sick nkunda to help themselves extort and pillage the congolease mineral resources. We know what game these so called superpowers are playing. But it will come to an end just like Leopold II is now history. They must also remember "Goods that are dishonestly acquired do not profit". nkunda, sick in his head think that we do not know where he comes from(rwanda) and not being our countryman, thinsk he will liberate us. From who? We, the congolese people elected this government and are happy with all the good effort they are producing so far in bringing our country forward. This does not please nkunda, kagame and the so called superpowers. their aim is to see the congolease people suffering. Can you liberate people from their democratic freedome and bring them where? Whoever support nkunda, kagame, museveni and others in distabilizing our contry(DRC) is as a wacko and psycho as them. But remember that the inoncnet people you are killing are the children of God. You are fighting against God., for the Copngolese people shall prevail. Continue and and you will see.

Anonymous said...

Letter to nkundabatware laurent from rwanda.

you and all of us in the world know that you are a rwandan and that you are demonically being used to distroy our happiness as congolese.
Do not forget who you are: evil ! For, you shall fail. Your fight against us is the same as the one that opposed your lord lucifer to our Lord Jesus. The end is what counts, but not what we see you doing now. lucifer, your master you are serving, based on the suffering and pain he was allowed for to cause on our Lord Jesus for a few days, thought that he was in control. But forgot that evil can never prevail on Good, but the other way round. For more than 2000 yrs ago, lucifer the evil, is undergoing a gradual mighty destruction. He also knows that very very soon, hour Lord Jesus is gonna through his to the bottom of the pit of forgetfulness where he will live forever in suffering.
so you can see, nkunda, that you are deeply sick by following a way that most people would not like to follow, knowing in advance where it leads.
We, congolease, are patient as we know that our Lord Jesus is fighting for us agains you and your coalition and that the victory is ours.
And I heard that you claim to be of Jesus Christ. Thank God that he already warned us that it is not what they say they are, but what they do, determines who they really are. As I stated above, we know who you are: evil, the son of lucifer. For a few days only, luucifer caused pain on Jesus. But for over, Jesus shall destroy lucifer. For a few years, you have been allowed to inflict pain on us congolese. But, you know what? You shall be destroyed forever with your master. So, we encourage you to continue in your evil work.

Werner K said...

Thank you for giving me permission to continue in my evil ways. Please write again since you have made my day more interesting. I love you too.

Anonymous said...

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