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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Foot Patrol

A Platoon 3 foot patrol uner command of 2Lt Fikizolo leaves our base to patrol the town of Lubero. Our patrols are divided into three categories: Short Distance (usually foot patrols in Lubero), Medium Distance (usually half a day) and Long Distance (usually a day or longer).


Anonymous said...

Ny name is Blair Sando and Im a sophomore at Bellbrook Highschool. In my english class, we're starting our research papers and I chose my topic to be the conflict in Darfur and the Sudanese government. I know you're very busy but I would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to ask you a couple of quick questions about your experiences. My email address is

Thank you so much.

Werner K said...

Ask away, Blair.

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