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Sunday, March 16, 2008


On my visit to Kasuo it began to rain. This boy was the only one who decided that to hide under the Mamba was better than the edge of the school roof under which his fellow students stood.

Teeter Totter Truck

I took this photo on the point where this truck on the road to Kagheri was going to fall over as it sped through this bad patch on the road. Thankfully for some reason it did not fall over or we would have been stuck behind it for hours.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Night View

This is what it looks like at night in our base here in Lubero.

Photo of School Kids

The children of the DRC are always very eager to have their photos taken. These kids go to school in Kasuo.

In the Rain Forest

On a visit to Kasuo I ventured deeper into the Rain Forest and took this photo.

On Patrol in a Mamba

Some troops in Delta Company on patrol here in the DRC. The Mamba is the vehicle replacing the old reliable Casspir.

Halfway Party

Recently we had our halfway party. The end is creeping closer.

Full Meal

On some days this constitutes brunch for a grown man in Delta Company. Pasta and mashed potato. Currently the United nations is witholding full rations from us due to an administrative error. I am just wondering how any organisation can withold food from people. This has apparently got nothing to do with the current food shortages in the world.

Posing with an FDLR Soldier

FDLR stands for Forces Democratiques de Liberation du Rwanda.


The only way to eat when surrounded by local children is atop the Mamba. If you try to eat amongst them you have eager hungry faces centimetres from yours to contend with. I took this photo a while back when we went to negotiate with a rebel leader to come in for DDRRR (disarmament, demobilization, repatriation, reintegration, and resettlement).

Early Morning Lubero

This is what Lubero looks like as the sun rises. Very rarely are the mornings not accompanied by mist.

Baby Crocs

Two baby crocodiles at a restaurant just South of Beni. This restaurant is called Palma and prepares good food. The average waiting time for a pizza is about an hour though.