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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Situation at Bingi

Here a FARDC Soldier stands guard over the area from where the Mai Mai attack force had already begun advancing on the FARDC Base. The quick reaction time of Platoon 1 saved the day in the end when they arrived in time after driving five hours to reach this location.


On Wednesday we received a call of an imminent attack by suspected Mai Mai on an FARDC Outpost at Bingi. Platoon 1 reacted and arrived in the nick of time to prevent the attack. Speaking to the FARDC Commander at Bingi he confirmed that the Mai Mai attack force had already set up for the attack as the sun was setting. Suddenly the advancing attackers stopped, turned and fled into the jungle as the sight of Platoon 1's vehicles coming over the hill was too much for them. Well done, boys.

To the Rescue

On Wednesday Platoon 1 under Lt Malgas reacted to try and prevent the imminent attack by Mai Mai on an FARDC base. This is the moment they left our base.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Base in Lubero

This photo I took shows the base in comparison to Lubero. If you look at the left of the picture you will see our base. I took the photo on Saturday when we decided to climb the mountain as part of our 40 Days celebrations.

Deep Jungle

I grabbed this pic of Corporal Mazibuko recently on our trek through the jungle to find a possible UXO. At certain places we had to crawl.

Searching for the Strange Yellow Object

A while ago some civilians told us about this strange yellow object they had found. Fearing it might be an unexploded ordnance I took my camera to investigate. To make a long story short what they said was a distance of 15km turned out to be closer to 50km and included a five kilometre hike through the jungle. The last half a kilometre was through very dense undergrowth and in the end we came to a hole with water in it. I decided to try to find whatever it was that was underwater, but the water was very brown, which made visibility difficult. In the end all I could feel were rocks and mud. If it should be an unexploded ordnance, which I doubt since military high explosives are more green in colour than yellow, then it would be better to leave it in a deep hole under water than to fiddle with it.

Polly of the Rain

In the base we have two parrots. With one of the rain showers the other day I watched this parrot really enjoying itself. It would whistle constantly while turning around and flapping its wings in the rain.

The Locals

Here in Lubero Base we also have rabbits and Guinea Pigs. One thing about the Indians is that all their bases have animals in them. Previously the two dogs in the base (who now have five puppies) ate five of the rabbits, which now only leave two same sex rabbits.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday. I would like to thank L/Cpl Galamfana for baking me this cake. This was done without an oven on a charcoal fire.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Standing To

Here the members of Delta Company stand to. In the event of an attack on our base we have to be ready to defend ourselves.

Casualty Evacuation

As part of our preparedness we often rehearse stand to's and as part of those rehearsals we do mock casualty evacuations. The "casualty" is evacuated to our medical post where the OECP's (medics) do what they do best.