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Monday, April 21, 2008

Searching for the Strange Yellow Object

A while ago some civilians told us about this strange yellow object they had found. Fearing it might be an unexploded ordnance I took my camera to investigate. To make a long story short what they said was a distance of 15km turned out to be closer to 50km and included a five kilometre hike through the jungle. The last half a kilometre was through very dense undergrowth and in the end we came to a hole with water in it. I decided to try to find whatever it was that was underwater, but the water was very brown, which made visibility difficult. In the end all I could feel were rocks and mud. If it should be an unexploded ordnance, which I doubt since military high explosives are more green in colour than yellow, then it would be better to leave it in a deep hole under water than to fiddle with it.