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Friday, May 30, 2008

International Day of UN Peacekeepers

On 29 May 1948 the first United Nations peacekeeping mission called UNTSO or United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation began operations in Palestine with a group of military observers. Therefore since 29 May 2003 the International Day of UN Peacekeepers has been celebrated every year on 29 May.

On this day we remember all those who came before us, dead or alive. May their names remain blessed in our memories.

I would like to wish all those who are productive in this noble endeavour good luck and safety. The ideas you carry will never die.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunset Mist

Over here when the sun sets it is very common for mist to rise out of the forest. Last night on our way back to Lubero from Beni I stopped to take this photo.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


At last I can give all the loved ones of members of this company the good news that we are coming home on 24 June. The time table looks like this, but may still change with a couple of days:

22 June - The company moves to the transit camp in Goma.

23 June - The company flies from Goma to Entebbe.

24 June - Delta Company flies back to Bloemfontein, South Africa.

18 July - Those of us not flying back on 24 June (handing and taking over team) fly directly to Pretoria.

See you all soon.


This is the area around Kilolerwe and is where Nkunda stays. Delta Company is moving into this area soon.

Problem Bridge

Near our new future base of Kanyatse is this bridge that our vehicles have to cross to reach the base.

Indbatt 3/XII

On the Northern shore of Lake Kivu lies the Indian Contingent of Indbatt 3/XII. During our sub-unit reconnaissance in the area we stayed here for two nights. This photo is of the officers' club on the lake.

Ihusi Hotel

The Ihusi Hotel in Goma is where we recently had a meal when we went for our sub-unit reconnaissance for our new bases. Delta Company is being moved out of Lubero to a new deployment area near Goma.

Hot Water Springs

In the Virunga National Park just South of Rwindi are these hot water springs. The water is just too hot to hold one's hand in it and a nearby FARDC Base has all the hot water they could ever need. Whoever harnasses this natural resource in the future will make a fortune through tourism. I may add that it is the same park that has gorillas.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nyiragongo Volcanoe

Nyiragongo Volcanoe North of Goma has smoke coming out of it and at night one can see the red glow of the lava from many kilometres away. This sleeping giant will erupt at some time again and still triggers small earthquakes that we can even feel in Lubero.


This is Alpha Company's base at Tongo. We slept there after we finished our visit in Goma.

Sgt Nogqala Recovering

One of our two "Tiffies" (mechanic) Sgt Nogqala had an accident a while ago when the two ton Samil 20 truck he was working on ran over him. As you can see he is recovering well at the hospital in Goma.

Nyiragongo Base

This is the home of the Engineers. It is right on the shore of Lake Kivu.


Antelope in Virunga National Park. Could somebody tell me what type they are?

The Road through Virunga

This is part of the road through Virunga National Park just south of Charlie Company's base at Rwindi. At one stage the road here and all the way to Goma was good tarmac, but now it is in a terrible state of neglect. Potholes in the road are on the order of the day.

Virunga Baboons

On my recent trip to Goma I passed through Virunga National Park and snapped this photo of baboons next to the road.


A waterfall south of Lubero.

Ready to Move

Vehicles lined up in our base as one of the platoons prepare to move in support of the Indians the next morning.

Freedom Day

On Freedom Day we had no rations so everybody bought and prepared their own food since ratpacks (MRE's) are not suitable for celebrating our national freedom day.