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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Here we Go

Platoon 3 left as the sub-unit advance team to our new deployment area. The rest of the company will move in about a week. In the photo the LMG-gunner on the Mamba is Rfn Daters.


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Anonymous said...

May they have safe journey!

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Werner K said...

Thanks, Fake. After 750 posts at last somebody criticised the appearance of my blog.

Thank you for the tip, Katt, but apparently my blog is important enough for him or her to leave a comment on it. Have a fantastic day, my friend.

jotabloguer said...

Hi: Certainly, the contents of your blog is the most important!And your mission, tell me a lot, because I was stayed in Angola in 1972/74, during a Portuguese Colonial War! And I feel in our days all happens in these contries! In the second year of my comission, I was located near of frontier line of ZAIRE(now RDC).
So I understands very well the important matter that you and your UN Group mading on the ground, providing some hope for these persons...
I back agaon
Have a nice time
Jorge madureira

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