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Monday, October 13, 2008

Infantry vs Armour

An Infantryman was on vacation in Limpopo and he wanted a pair of genuine crocodile shoes in the worst way, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking. After becoming very frustrated with the "no haggle" attitude of one of the shopkeepers, the Infantryman shouted, "maybe I'll just go out and get my own crocodile so I can get a pair of shoes made at a reasonable price!"

The vendor said, "By all means, be my guest. Maybe you will run into a couple of Armour Guys who were in here earlier saying the same thing."

So the Infantryman headed to the Limpopo River that same day and a few hours later came upon two men standing waist deep in the water. He thought, "those must be the two Armour Soldiers the guy in town was talking about." Just then, the Infantryman saw a tremendously long crocodile swimming rapidly underwater towards one of the Armour Men.

Just as the crocodile was about to attack, the Armour Man grabbed its neck with both hands and strangled it to death with very little effort. Then both Armour Soldiers dragged it on shore and flipped it on its back. Laying nearby were several more of the creatures.

One of the Armour Guys then exclaimed, "Damn, this one doesn't have any shoes either!"

Destroyed Tank

A Ratel 20 drives past an old tank used as a target here at the CTC.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Meaning of Life

I have just read an interesting article entitled "Think doctors know best? Think medical science is on your side? Think again!".

Is it not amazing that we now live in a world where the so-called "specialists" know what is best for us all, but they do not apply their own methology and do not provide solutions which are not motivated by financial gain. They unfortunately range from idiots to the ignorant to those who apply what our world teaches people; you are worth what you earn. What is the purpose of university then? Is it to teach people knowledge or to teach them how to "be successful" and make money. What is even more terrible about this is that one finds so many rich people who are extremely unhappy, but insist on their children going to university to study so that one day they can also make lots of money; but why? If you are not happy with money why will your children be? Might I also point out the fact, sir, that which makes you high (your excuse for happiness) is not being rich, but striving to make more money. You never get where you want to be in life since you have turned it into a race after nothing; what you want is always just out of reach because that is what you really want. You are unable to live for the now.

Follow some of your own methology, which you were "taught" in university and scientifically test this theory. I think you will find that your happiest moments in life were those where you switched off from the outside world and were just in the moment. Those were profound moments in your life; from the birth of your child to the greatest moments with your wife that you can never have back again. So, did those moments involve money or your mind? If your answer is your mind then what have you gained from owning the latest Mercedes or biggest house bought with unnecessary medical procedures.

One day your children will want you to teach them wisdom. What will you teach them?

Group Photo

In this photo I am the one standing up, in front of me is Darries, with the headphones on is Coen and at the bottom is Garrick.

Morning over "Aasvoelkop"

I took this photo yesterday morning before we moved out to execute a defensive exercise.

Morning Start

Starting up in the morning creates a large amount of exhaust fumes.

Ratel Pair

Two Ratels crossing the ridge of a hill on one of the many roads here at the CTC.

Ratels at Sunset

After movement to a new position I took this photo as our Ratels prepared to stop in columns. The sun had just set.