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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Victory for the Sevens Team

I normally do not post any sporting posts, but the recent accomplishments of South African Rugby is fantastic. A couple of posts ago I congragulated the Springbok Team for providing England with its biggest hiding ever on "Fortress Twickenham". Thinking back to a couple of weeks before that I have realised that we beat Australia 53 - 6 in what is their biggest defeat ever against us.

Now it got even better. Not only did the Springbok Sevens Team beat England in the final of the Dubai Sevens to become the Dubai Sevens Champions, but this Saturday they followed it up with victory in the final of the George Sevens! That means they have become the first team ever to win two major cups in a row in the Sevens Rugby Tournament as well.

Congratulations to Mzwandile Stick (photo left) and the rest of his team for their superb accomplishment. Is it not amazing what South Africans are capable of.