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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Come to South Africa

Come to the cradle of mankind, South Africa. In South Africa you will find anything from snow to desserts, the world famous wildlife, excellent hospitality, world-class shopping opportunities, our wide open spaces and one of the best road networks in the world.

I would dare anyone to drive more than 100km on most roads without finding five star accommodation. From the wine route to the garden route, Table Mountain to some of the best Blue Flag beaches on the entire globe.

South Africa has a good public transport system from cheap flights and luxury coaches to shuttle services and very cheap taxi services. The current system is being upgraded even more for the 2010 Soccer World Cup scheduled to take place here. The 2010 World Cup is an opportunity that is causing an upgrade for most services and accommodation in the country.

Like any other country South Africa has its own problems, but vacationers here are in no more danger than any other country in the world. It should be noted that for this past festive season we have had the lowest totals of robberies and car hijackings in a very long time.

Any person wishing to visit South Africa can find a ton of information on the internet and you can even e-mail me for extra user-friendly information. I will help you for free.

Do not make the mistake of thinking its not worth visiting.

"Do not dismiss South Africa as being somewhere that is too dangerous to visit or somewhere that is simply poverty stricken. The reality is that it is a country that has a variety of different sides to it, some are very rugged and beautiful, some are urban and some are simply mile upon mile of beautiful scenery and fantastic wildlife. It has also had a very colourful and at times turbulent history, but this has shaped this country. This gives South Africa dimensions that other countries simply cannot rival and explains why people simply love going there time after time. It is different and it is just that little bit special. So stay safe, but enjoy!"