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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mobilising Consciousness

How does any person or organisation mobilise millions of people? What was the recipe for success that spread a concept such as The Law of Attraction or any similar idea? I am reading a book by Jill Bolte Taylor (PhD), a brain scientist, who suffered a stroke and thereafter wrote this book entitled My Stroke of Insight. In it she describes how she recovered and the day when she given a puzzle to put together by her mother G.G. Her stroke affected the left hemisphere of her brain including the part that made her recognise colours. She therefore could not tell the colours of the puzzle apart until her mother said to her that the colours were a tool to completing the puzzle ... and suddenly she could see and distinguish between different colours again.

Just as a single thought made her see colours again, how do we create that same type of shift in people? Is it possible? Probably, but the same method does probably not work for everybody since we think and perceive our ideas of reality differently, unless everybody realise they are actually one. The paradox is that the day when people are sharing consciousness in such a way that a new thought will manifest in all human beings at the same time we will probably not want to use it in any event. It will simply be.

So back to our current reality. How do we get an idea to take root with so many people with time being an issue? Do we use the internet or books or videos or television or something like the Maharishi Effect? Do we maybe use them all simultaneously? I think that in the end we may consider using all resources, but this is subject to finances so is only practical in a perfect world.

So it comes down to having no clear answers and no easy solutions. Maybe the point is to go through the process of struggle like the Green Movement is proving. After many decades people are taking the Green Movement seriously enough to reach the point of critical mass where it feeds itself. Therefore I would suggest that all great ideas should be stoked and pushed forward until they reach the point of critical mass. Once they reach critical mass nothing can stop them.