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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Return of True Democracy

The Greeks invented democracy, but as Greece and the world grew we as its citizens have had to live with a watered-down form of imperfect democracy, which meant that those elected to power only had to get themselves elected and from then on they could basically do what they wanted to during their term in office. Sure the public could make their feelings known if they did not agree with policy, but the elected official was already in power.

With the perfecting of the way one votes using the internet it has to change. Not only will officials be elected to office by a true count of votes, but said official would have the nation voting on most decisions he or she had to make. Say for example a leader wants to invade a country under false pretexes then the citizens have a day or two to vote. After the voting window expires the votes are tallied and the decidion is made. Hence the president does what his original job description asked of him or her, they carry out the wishes of their people.

Imagine when this happens. Which countries in the world will first implement this? I can't wait to see how many true democracies we actually have.