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Thursday, January 29, 2009

South African Air Assault Badge Approved

This morning I was excited to hear that the South African Air Assault Badge developed by me and Capt Gibson (Ret) of 1 Parachute Battalion , 44 Parachute Regiment is on the verge of being approved. Soon we will wear it with pride on our uniforms after waiting more than two years.


Anonymous said...

Where it well.

( 1/501st Inf, 101st Abn Div.-Airmobile; 1972-74 )

Lexington Green said...

What does the badge depict?

I see two laurel branches, in the shape of wings, symbolizing victory and flight. What is in the center of the badge? I cannot tell by looking at it.

Werner K said...

The Oryx Helicopter depicts the use of aircraft and the Laurel Wreath depicts Excellence. There is no wing since we are not air-droppable. Our mission is either heli-assault or air-landed assault. In Heli-Assault we use the Oryx, Rooivalk and Agusta A 109 and in Air Landed we use the Airbus A400M Loadmaster, C 130 and can use other smaller cargo planes for smaller missions.

Anonymous said...

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blackops said...

Will this badge only be for new military members or can this badge be issued to all paratroopers and special forces ex military soldiers that did fireforce on the boarder in the old regime.
Freddy Adams
south africa

william lucky said...

i'm air assault qualified soldier,my wish is for AIR ASSAULT to be recognised and be given a proper equipment as it is in USA an others,i'm no longer at 6sai bn but i'm still wearing my badge with pride an honor ,this is the way forward of our airborne soldiers ,and i also wish that all AIR ASSAULT QUALIFIED SOLDIERS BE GIVEN THE SILVER/GOLDEN BADGE ,CHANGE BERET TO SHOW THEIR UNIQUENESS AND SPECIALITY ,AIR ASSAULT ALL THE WAY ,FORWARD EVER BACKWARD NEVER .BY Rfn TLADI