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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ambition to Meaning - Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Last night I was fortunate to have honoured my invitation to Port Elizabeth where I watched a screening of Dr W. Dyer's new movie entitled Ambition to Meaning.

The way the movie is presented really appealed to me. It did not consist of Dr Dyer speaking into the camera the whole time, but made use of varying filming techniques to prevent the viewer getting bored and losing interest. Not that it was boring.

It was basically a message as to how one can change the life you are used to where the important things to you are money and what people think of you to a life of real meaning that leaves you deeply satisfied. I would recommend Ambition to Meaning to any person who realises life has much more to it than what you may think, but I would especially recommend it to those who think they have everything and are not happy.