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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Discuss Religion

For those who are not South African, recently a storm broke over what some would term blasphemous cartoons run in the UCT Rag magazine Sax Appeal. As an ex-Christian I agree that some of the cartoons may have been blasphemous to Christians, but now those who were discussing religion freely in the past are standing back as they are afraid of the way Christians will act towards them questioning the Christian Religion. Think about it; the day we stop discussing religion is the day when we too have turned into a Fundamentalist Christian/Islamic/Jewish (insert other religions here) Society where one group of people decides for everybody. Not in my lifetime in this country.

Please discuss religion and ignore those who go out of their way to prove others wrong in a hateful manner. The day we see the similarities between us instead of our differences is what we should be aiming for. It is probably going to be a long painful process, but I for one believe someday, maybe in a century, maybe in a millennium that is where we will be; unless of course we have wiped ourselves out with nuclear weapons before then.

Remember that the central message of all major religions is love.