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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Gods of Greed

Their greatness lost in an age past
Values exchanged for golden glint
Belief not in life of mother, or soldier
Freedom lies massacred for freedom sake
Black gold now the new god praised
God's tears no effect on pained hearts

Divine words diluted by the greedy
Kneel before the golden calf they whisper
Ignored remains the cries of the newborn
Ignorance in their greatness maintained
So they live; so they die - the gods of greed
Not destined to find, only to seek; forever

Give me highs or give me death?
They now tend graves of caring and truth
Gods of thunder protecting their crumbling walls
Out of trust protecting the walls of the greedy
Notice not the bloody rivers of the innocent
The innocent massacred so far from home

The angel weeps for her lost children
Her love never to die, but still ignored
They ignore her love as they seek her love
Greed for gold leads to more greed they find
Come back to me all you of the land
For the path you follow leads to more pain