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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Military Attache Advisory Corps visits 6 SAI Bn

Today the MAAC had its visit to our unit. Military Attaches from countries like Kenya, Italy, Germany, France, Cameroon and Angola were represented. We had been preparing for two days for the visit including last night and were very happy with the way it turned out.

Carileigh Hansen

Miss Carileigh Hansen was allowed to accompany the rehearsal fast roping event yesterday. A third year journalism student at Rhodes University she graciously agreed to share some of her photos with the unit.

Fast Roping Today

Earlier today troops from our unit did a fast roping demonstration followed by a live fire attack for visiting Military Attaches to our unit. The fast roping troops were acting as a Cut-off Group to a platoon further to the East.


With the rehearsals for the visit of the Military Attaches to our unit Cpl Otto Viljoen was preparing to rappel down. The height is deceiving in this photo.

Mist Sunrise

On my way to work this morning the sun had just risen when I stopped to take this photo at the golf course. Last night was cold so the mist was low over the greens and fairways.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

IPL Success in South Africa

After five weeks of non-stop Indian Premier League Twenty 20 action here in South Africa the season ended today when the Deccan Chargers defeated the Royal Challengers in the final at the Bull Ring or Wanderers in Johannesburg today. After the match was concluded the closing ceremony was quite spectacular with acts like Akon and Eddie Grant followed by one of the largest fireworks displays I have ever seen in this country.

Thank you very much for the season and I can assure you all South Africans hope next year the IPL will come back to the safety and hospitality of of this country. Not only was it spectacular entertainment, but more than R1 Billion was injected into our economy.

Old School Friend Becomes Miss IPL South Africa

I was watching the IPL Final when I was amazed to see an old school friend crowned as the top SA girl. She is now called Dune Kossatz, but at school she was Ingrid Kossatz. We were in the same class at High School Grens in East London. We were never great friends, but it is impossible to forget a beauty. Congragulations with this success, Dune, and good luck.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Economic Advantages of Sustainable Development

It's amazing how people of large scale industry do not quite grasp the advantages to their pockets by implementing sustainable development and green policies. It seems like some fat cats are too attached to their luxury ski lodges and Aston Martins to grasp the significance of what lies ahead and the potential it provides, both economically, environmentally and in other areas. I will therefore use my limited knowledge as a military officer in the SANDF to explain some of this to you.

Firstly, the green market is growing with regards to environmentally friendly products and I mean the real deal, not those that provide no benefit. You can fool some people some of the time, but you cannot foold all people all of the time. In time the products that are of no benefit to the environment will lose out on the rich market out there and in the long run those industries that provide these will have their stock prices become worthless and go bankrupt at some stage unless they switch focus in time.

Secondly, by using common sense and switching to more sustainable, environmentally friendly and cheaper energy sources you will not only have a healthier work force and thus lower medical bills, but your workers will also be happier and thus give less problems and you will save money by utilising this cheaper energy source. More people will also support you thus higher profit margins.

In the end it does not matter if Global Warming is real or a figment of someone's imagination. The world population do not enjoy what they are seeing happening to their planet and the green movement will continue growing just for that reason. In the end if we go green and focus on sustainable development and the Global Warming Theory was not a mistake we would have lost nothing in the process.

I am sure I can think of many more reasons why sustainable development makes more sense than the current culture of trying to keep the let's-use-up-our-natural-resources-and-suffocate-in-our-own-waste ship afloat.

Portland, Oregon - Example of a Green Dream

One can say a lot about the USA, but the city of Portland, Oregon is currently the second greenest city in the world according to Grist. In the first place is Reykjavik, Iceland.

Looking at the skyline of this exemplary American City one firstly notices the absence of smog. The reason being local legislation limiting the amount of permittable greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere. Another reason is a well-established public transportation system, which includes the availability of hybrid cars for hire on the streets for the travelling of small distances, almost like self-drive taxis (cabs). Thus very few gas-driven vehicles are to be found on the streets with a lot more bicycles.

Any construction plans have to include a green plan if they want public money for the construction of said building. Then one also finds people like the pizza shop owner who uses the excess heat from his pizza ovens to warm the water he uses in his establishment, thus cutting down on gas or electrical bills and limiting the amount of CO2 gas leaked into the atmosphere. He even uses light electrical cars to make deliveries. Guess who is the most widely used pizza place in Portland. It seems this type of individual dedication to sustainable living is something one finds all over Portland.

Without having any proof of this I am willing to bet that Portland is probably also one of the major world cities with the lowest accounts of respiratory sickness, stress, crime and other diseases among large cities in the world. I would love to live in a city like this and raise children in this type of environment. Not just because it is healthier, but also to teach them about the benefits of green and sustainable living.

One wonders when South African cities are going to get with the programme. The smog over beautiful cities like Cape Town is shameful. Let's hope Helen Zille does something about this to make the most beautiful city in the world also one of the cleanest.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

To Who Does America Owe its Debt?

As of 16 May 2009 American Debt stands at $11 276 005 423 031. That I think is the highest in the world. How is it that the richest country in the world also has the most debt in the world?

My second question is to who does the USA owe this money? If it is owed to the Federal Reserve Bank, which one would think is government owned since it has the word "federal" in it then why is there a problem? Unless the "Fed" is privately owned.

If the "Fed" is privately owned then who owns it and is it possible that this person or people are actually in control of America and thus the world? People are hung up on money and since the owners of the "Fed" can apparently just print their own money they could in theory buy any person they wanted to, including leaders of countries, senates and cabinets.

I also would ask the question, whereto did the $11 Trillion bail-out money dissapear to? Apparently there is no proof of where it went to. And if the USA is in so much debt then where did they borrow the money from to bail out their bankers? From the "Fed"?

Good luck to those trying to solve this problem. I think you will need it. I really do hope you solve this since it could also negatively effect my country.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Global Warming Issue

I have read an article that claims 700 American scientists signed a minority report indicating that Global Warming is not happening. I would have loved for that to be true that Global Warming is not happening, but there are some considerations here.

1. There are many more scientists who actually do believe in Global Warming or are there?

2. Even if Global Warming was not happening there would be no way of proving it so should we not act as if it is happening? Let's say it is happening and we do nothing. That will lead to a probable disaster, but if we do something and Global Warming does not happen there will be no disaster. It's a no-brainer really. Prepare for the worst.

Obviously the second option would not be realistic if there was an economic motive behind this. Let's hope there is not.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Self-Defeating Politics of Greed and Power

It is sorry state of affairs that we live in a world where the efforts of certain individuals to amass wealth and power actually leads to nothing except for the physical act of amassing wealth and power. They get constant highs from what they do, but that is all it ever will be, highs, and to continue getting these highs they need bigger amounts of money and power. Their original goal was probably happiness, but because they live under the misconstrued perception that wealth and power brings happiness they never find happiness, only highs - like a drug. The drug only serves itself, nobody else.

It reminds me of a hamster on an exercise wheel. Actually quite humorous if one thinks about it; if it were not for the fact that it is really quite sad. Sad also because the reason why they are like that is because their parents probably taught them that was the only way because also their parents taught them that due to some lesson learned somewhere by a previous generation or because society tells us that money is more important than happiness.

In the end they want more money to get more highs and the hamster wheel continues to spin. So we get two kinds of people; those spinning the wheels and those being happy. Generally they are not the same.

"There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way."

An Ode to Democracy in South Africa

Once again South Africa has undergone an incident free democracy process. I salute all South Africans for doing the right thing and showing the world and the rest of Africa how democracy is practiced. Unlike certain first world countries over here we are still truely democratic and proud of it.