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Saturday, May 16, 2009

To Who Does America Owe its Debt?

As of 16 May 2009 American Debt stands at $11 276 005 423 031. That I think is the highest in the world. How is it that the richest country in the world also has the most debt in the world?

My second question is to who does the USA owe this money? If it is owed to the Federal Reserve Bank, which one would think is government owned since it has the word "federal" in it then why is there a problem? Unless the "Fed" is privately owned.

If the "Fed" is privately owned then who owns it and is it possible that this person or people are actually in control of America and thus the world? People are hung up on money and since the owners of the "Fed" can apparently just print their own money they could in theory buy any person they wanted to, including leaders of countries, senates and cabinets.

I also would ask the question, whereto did the $11 Trillion bail-out money dissapear to? Apparently there is no proof of where it went to. And if the USA is in so much debt then where did they borrow the money from to bail out their bankers? From the "Fed"?

Good luck to those trying to solve this problem. I think you will need it. I really do hope you solve this since it could also negatively effect my country.


rolling_single said...

Good read. Thought provoking.

Ryan said...

Werner, I think you would enjoy the Zeitgeist series of movies - should find them for download at

Dr. Brian Horsfield said...

Werner, I enjoy your blog so much thanks! I have started one myself on Sustainable Technologies for Africa at

And on banking - Ron Paul is doing very well with his bill to audit the fed. It is really amazing that consciousness is rising fast around the globe and allow people to stand up to perhaps the greatest power block in the world - the world of provate central banking.

I got this email a couple of days ago:

Please read the article below.

President Obama continues to support the insanity of 'Shop-until-you-drop-Keynesianism'.

Note that Obama, et al, are presenting as the solution the VERY CAUSE of this economic crisis - what we could dub Debt Consciousness. It is this debt consciousness that got us here.

All the while the Fed refuses to disclose who they are propping up with Trillions of taxpayer money.

By the way, 'Tax Payer Money' means our future earnings which they will take from us as taxes or deliver to us via their secret tax weapon - debasement of the currency - which they cause by the creation of trillions of dollars which devalues every dollar presently in existence. Sneaky huh? They get to create and use money now and we get to pay for it later in the form of higher prices for ..... everything.

Either way we pay with our and our children's future life effort.

What you can do.

1. Get More Educated. Please read this article. Then please get busy at

2. Get Outraged

3. Further educate those you know and, most of all, those you care about.

4. Get Ready. Prepare yourself and others, as it is clear that unless mass-sanity comes upon us all - and in a hurry - Obama/Geithner/Bernanke and their ilk will let us go down with the ship.

But hey! They never want to 'waste a good crisis'. They, and all the PowerSeekers will be fine.....unless we stop them by shining the light of Knowledge on their actions.

Anonymous said...

we owe the money to whoever purchased T-bills in the past, the Chinese more than anybody maybe.

where did it all go? entitlement programs mostly, various forms of the dole.

how will we pay it off? print money, inflate the dollar, thereby stiffing the Chinese and everybody else, including ourselves.

we should be ashamed. but we won't be. we'll talk ourselves into believing it ain't our fault.

Daniel said...

The US owes most of it's huge debt to China.

Anonymous said...

Actually America only owes something like 1.2 Trillion to the world. The other 14 Trillion or so is owed to it's self through public debts. The 1.2 Trillion is actually mostly owed to Japan and nearly the same amount to China and a slightly smaller sum owed to the UK.