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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Religious Fear

This is a billboard in Texas in the USA. It implies that Atheists are as good as murderers.

I wonder if this is just ignorance or if it is a deliberate attack on Atheism while knowing that they are in fact morally the same as everybody else. What is so scary is that there had to be a coordinated consensus and cooperation among many people to produce this. There had to be an organisation with these views, there had to be an advertising company who had no problem producing this and other people around the sides providing their energies.

What I also cannot quite understand is that people would go through all the effort to produce this instead of picking up a book to read about Atheism and ridding themselves of the fear which eventually leads to these kinds of displays of hatred. I always thought it was about love, but I do not see it here. All I see is paralysing fear. Get out of fear by replacing it with knowledge.

Are there billboards like these by Atheists who propagate hatred towards religion as well?

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