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Friday, August 14, 2009

A Short Term Perceived Solution Called "War"

What goes around comes around. The American CIA calls it "Blowback". It teaches us that war does not solve problems, it just creates more problems. As a soldier I understand the hopelessness of war and realise that my skill as an Air Assault Infantry Officer only helps me to win battles, but it does not ensure lasting peace.

I also know that the consciousness I have regarding the fruitlessness of war is present in all people, but like an addiction we still endeavour to wage war for the drugs we call adrenalin, making money, danger, power, large scale mobilisation, military maneuvring, playing at war, military romance and respect from other nations based on fear. We look for the short term highs war unfortunately does bring. In short we do not really want peace because we actually think peace is boring. In consciouness we agree that peace is what we want and that it is a better proposition than war, but in the unconsciousness created by nationalistic fervour with the help of the media we lose that consciouness and most people jump on the conflict-is-the-only-way bandwagon.

The only way to stop our wild roller-coaster ride and to save the billions we spend on national defence in South Africa and the world is to create an atmosphere conducive to peace by means of applying the powerful forces available to us in science. I am talking about the extreme power found in the realm of the Unified Field, which is even stronger than nuclear power just as nuclear power is so much stronger than chemical power.

On this level the power of the Unified Field is made understandeable to us by means of meditations such as Transcendental Meditation because the science might not really be that easy to comprehend. Based on the science of quantum physics on the level of the Unified Field by means of group meditation it is possible to create an output of energy that can actually reduce violence in a sub region. This has been scientifically proven in experiment after experiment conducted throughout the world. The amount of meditators (and "meditators" is a simplified way of explaining it) should match one percent of the square root of the population of said sub-region to have an influence. In the case of South Africa that amounts to 700 to 1000 individuals applying the method according the the TM-Sidhi Programme as explained on the website
In 1992 Mozambique applied Invincible Defence Technology and war did not flare up again as it so often does in Africa whenever a previous war ends. In that country 14 000 practitioners of the TM-Sidhi Programme were trained and today it is still one of the more peaceful countries in Africa. The successful examples of using the TM-Sidhi Programme and meditation like Transcendental Meditation in the world abound and are too numerous to mention here. For more information have a look at some of my links in the right margin of this page.

For more information you can also read this article written by By Dr. John Hagelin and Dr. David Leffler as published in the Senegambia News: "Pakistan Must Go Beyond Nuclear Weapons to Obtain Real Invincible Defence".


Ingrid Jones said...

Dear Werner,

Another great noteworthy blog post, thanks.

I would be interested to read of your experiences with meditation.

I hope this finds you well.

Kindest regards,

PS I think football is peaceful way for people (especially youngsters) around the world to unite without having to learn each others language.

If you ever come across snippets of footballing news and photos and/or videos relating to South Africa and: Sudan, DR Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Niger, Kenya - including Under 17 youth matches - I hope you will blog it at Soldier of Africa so I can share it at my network of watch blogs and link back to you. Here is an example of one post, cross posted to 7 of my sites.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Fixtures of CECAFA U-17 football tournament in Sudan 19-31 Aug 2009
- - -

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
CECAFA U-17 football tournament: Kenya v Uganda (Juba, S. Sudan, 4.30pm on 19 Aug 2009)
- - -

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
CECAFA U-17 football tournament: Eritrea v Rwanda (Medani, Sudan 5.30pm on 22 Aug 2009)
- - -

Wednesday, 12 August 2009
CECAFA U-17 football tournament: Kenya v Uganda (Juba, S. Sudan, 4.30pm on 19 Aug 2009)
- - -

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
CECAFA U-17 football tournament: Ethiopia v Zanzibar (Juba, S. Sudan, 2.30pm on 19 Aug 2009)
- - -

Wednesday, 12 August 2009
CECAFA U-17 football tournament: Egypt v Burundi (Medani, Sudan 9.30pm on 22 Aug 2009)
- - -

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
CECAFA U-17 football tournament: Somalia v Nigeria (Khartoum, Sudan, 9.30pm on 20 Aug 2009)
- - -

If you click into labels (CECAFA, CAF Champions League, U-17 Championship (Hassan el Bashir Cup) in the footnote of the Sudan Watch footballing news posts, you will see some of the news I have published recently.

Football is a great way for youngsters to get together as part of a team and be talent spotted. I think there will be many great job opportunities for talented dedicated committed youngsters in sport - including girls. South Sudan has an all girl team!

Werner K said...

Thanks for the response, Ingrid. I will keep my eyes open for football-related peacekeeping efforts. By the way, did you know that to learn TM in South Africa by world-class teachers costs only $200?

Ingrid Jones said...

Hi and thanks Werner. No, I did not know that to learn TM in South Africa by world-class teachers costs $200.

Personally, I think meditation ought to be available to everyone, not just the wealthy. I imagine that $200 is a lot of money to people who are poor and worrying where their next meal is coming from.

Back to footballing food for thought. Military matches, peacekeeping matches, matches in conflict zones, teaching football to locals and youth, the news possibilities are endless...

Do you play football? Did you see any football being played in Darfur or DR Congo? What about AU/UN staff, did they play? Any pics?

After following your blog for five years, I know that if ever you come up with something to do with football it will be brilliant, especially if pictures are included.

Bye for now Werner and take good care. Ingrid.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Werner, but it puts my faith in your abilities as a Major in 6 SAI in grievous doubt after reading your comments on IDT. I am afraid you have been scammed and that you have willingly gone along for the ride.

Please take my advice and speak to a real physicist working on quantum physics, either at UCT or Stellenbosch, so that you can begin to understand how the IDT movement has completely misrepresented the science of quantum physics.

If only IDT were true, I would be far more optimistic about many things. But I've investigated it thoroughly and found nothing but smoke and mirrors wherever I look and I have been forced to conclude that there is no way that there is any truth to the IDT movement. We're going to have to solve our problems the old ways, through international co-operation, diplomacy, democratic action and all the rest. The reason Mozambique did not lapse into war once again after 1988 is the result of two major changes: The falls of both the Soviet and the South African governments. Without support from external hosts and sponsors, the groups in Mozambique were forced to find a way to co-operate.

Werner K said...

Apology accepted. I am sure you can't help it.

Do you assume to know everything about quantum physics? Which real physicist should I speak to since they mostly seem to disagree with each other anyway?

Ever heard of the Copenhagen Interpretation? The world of Quantum Physica is loaded with paradoxes. You strike me as somebody who knows nothing about Quantum Physics or Warfare.

I appreciate your emotional response, but show me some proof, my friend.

Joan said...

Dear Werner, I am happy you are posting this issue. I am Theoretical Physicist with specialization in Quantum Field Theory and Eisntein's General Relativity and I was the coordinator for the implementation of the project in Mozambique. I am saying this, just to come to the encounter of the anonymous comment. It worked well and it keeps working well wherever we apply this technolgy with sufficient number of people. We decreased crime rate in major cities of Mozambique once and again whenever we had enough people practicing TM and TM-Sidhi program. And we keep doing it in cities around the world. All the best and Congratulations.

Werner K said...

Joan, could you please contact me by e-mail. I would love to post an interview with you.