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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Transcendental Meditation

I recently managed to learn the Transcendental Meditation Technique during a trip to Pretoria.

TM is practiced by millions of people throughout the world and has no basis in religion whatsoever. Celebrities who practice the technique include David Lynch, Heather Graham, etc. The (non-existing) religious issue is one that apparently bothers many people. Religiously speaking what one could maybe expect is to have a transcending experience within the boundaries of your chosen religion. How can you experience another religion if you do not believe in any other religion? TM rather makes space for what you on a very profound level believe to be divinity as based on your religion.

I also found myself mystified by those who claim that the TM Movement is a cult. If so then who is the cult leader and how is he/she obtaining power? The Maharishi died years ago. Where some religions refer to "end times" the thought of "end times" do not even surface in TM. If I remember correctly at the height of all religious cults the respective cult leaders managed to persuade their followers to commit mass suicide based on "end times" prophesy. This madness does not feature in TM, at all.

For those skeptical about the benefits of TM I would suggest reading books like Dr Herbert Benson's "The Relaxation Response." Personally I would suggest the technique to anybody in a heartbeat.


Dr Brian Horsfield said...

Werner, There's a site for sceptics (and journalists) here:
Brian Horsfield

Anonymous said...

Werner, There's a site for sceptics (and journalists) here:
Brian Horsfield

Actually Brian, that's a biased site by TM zealot David Orme-Johnson. It's actually a TM apologist site, filled with misinformation.

You probably meant to point him to:

Independent research shows TM is not only NOT what it claims to be, it's the worst technique at lowering things like blood pressure! And it's way overpriced for simply undergoing a Hindu religious ceremony just to get a Hindu goddesses mantra!

Werner K said...

Why do I need to go to any site? Since I am doing TM I know what it is about.

Independent Research? Tell me more.

kalasnikov said...

hello, ive been suffern from anxiety and stress ive been trying swimming, aerobics, steam suana.
ive started yoga througha video i downloaded free from the net.
I would like to try TM. whats your advise

Dr Brian Horsfield said...

Here's a short testimonial of a soldier with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) talking about his experience with TM

Also this a good source:

Anonymous said...

I am a South African living in London. I attended The Meditation Trust (registered charity, much cheaper) for my TM training in February 2014. I agree with their belief that TM should be accessible to everyone, including those on lower incomes who struggle enough as it is.

I was drawn to TM after watching many TedTalks, TM interviews and an Horizon documentary about the measurable benefit of meditation on our brains, especially for people who are anxious and stressed out.

I was raped in South Africa, and we lost many friends to violent horrific crimes. I left the country but remained high strung. Counselling helped but I wanted to feel whole and alive again.

Although the technique is very simple, I battled with TM at first. I got angry and cried a lot. Now I'm used to it and, wow, what a relief.

Whether a person uses meditation or another relaxation therapy, we all benefit from the daily practice of detachment from our thoughts. This gives our fight or flight response a chance to reset. As that happens, we re-engage with our creativity, peacefulness, and broader-solution thinking.

Exercising is fantastic and essential, but this detachment from thinking gives me a deep and reassuring bliss that is such a wonderful surprise. I wish I'd done TM years ago.

Ultimately the proof is in the result. Does it work for you? For me, TM is a keeper.

Anonymous said...

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