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Saturday, November 28, 2009

South African Infantry

Some of the members of my company during training a couple of weeks back.

South African Roads

South Africa has probably one of the best road networks in the world. This photo was taken in the Free State and all roads are in this condition and being upgraded as we speak. Generally, wherever I drive to there are roadworks along the way as one lane highways are changed to three- and four lane or just being widened.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Religion in Schools - What About Religious Freedom?

Should organised religion be allowed in schools and who makes that decision? Allowing a specific religion into schools is usually the decision of supporters of that religion and it does not include the freedom of other religious denominations or those who prefer not to align with the rules of organised religion. Is that truely what we want in a free society?

A more acceptable dispensation would maybe be to allow all religions equal attention or to ban religion from schools altogether. Schools is where we teach children, it is not the place to impress upon them the views of one religion without their reasonable understanding of what other religions are about. Who are we to decide we know better than children anyway when it comes to religion or their relationship with divinity? If we truely knew the answers would the world not have been a better place?

In matters of divinity there are no experts in this world. No university can give anybody a degree in divinity even though they are arrogant enough to do that. I might know more about divinity from a single experience than a man with a degree could know from an entire lifetime of study. So in the end who knows the answers?

We humans should sometimes consider ourselves not to know as much as we think we do. Do all religions not have their foundation in humility? Let's consider humility in educating children in something we consider to be exclusively right, ie. our religious views. If only one religion is exclusively right it means God is not as powerful as we thought He/She was, because He/She only has the ability to save a small portion of the people in this world. It is a paradox and anybody who has had a divine experience will tell you living in the paradox is much closer to finding God than anything else because God cannot be pinned down. And just there is another paradox ...

Someone once said "the way to enlightenment is to know there is no enlightenment."

Let's not suppose to bully upon other religions our religious views, because that is what leads to the "us and them" syndrome and we all know that leads to intolerance and intolerance leads to violence and war. Love and acceptance is the way and all the great teachers in history, ie. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed have taught us that. Let's teach our children that.