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Sunday, January 24, 2010

2012 - Our True Awakening?

The more I read the more I feel that the year 2012 is not necessarily the end of the world, but could even be a new awakening, a new consciousness that the world will enter into.

Just like Albert Einstein very quickly changed our idea of reality with his General- and Special Theories on Relativity so a single idea could create a paradigm-shift so massive it could spell a global shift towards whatever you want to call it. Will this be the Entanglement Theory in action?

Every day the impossible becomes more possible. The global population is becoming more connected because of advances we make on the internet and that again is something new in our history. Never before have so many been connected at the same time. Do we truely understand what could happen? And obviously it is growing every day. I am not sure how fast, but Twitter is growing at an astronomical rate every day. Concepts like "The Law of Attraction" is not science fiction anymore as the great leaders of the past have been saying for ages. There are thousands who can vouch for this system working.

One of the more astonishing advances we have made is the ability to predict future events with what are called Random Number Generators or REG's (scientists now just call them Eggs). This article on Red Orbit explains how this is astonishing the world's scientists.

These machines print the numbers "1" and "0" randomly all the time. Generally they print these two numbers an equal amount of times, which if indicated on a graph shows a reasonably straight line. It was found that on occasions when the world was united in consciousness like when Princess Diana died there was a rise in the printing of one number, which on the graph showed a steady climbing line. This occurred again four hours before 9/11 and twenty four hours before the Tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004. Why?

Various scientific tests have shown these were accurate results and many REG's were used all over the world linked to Princeton University where Dr Roger Nelson is heading research into this phenomenom. It has also been found that any person off the street could come into the rooms where these devices are kept and merely by thinking could change the randomness of these numbers.

A long time ago Scottish Botanist Robert Brown threw some pollen in water and noticed that the pollen kept moving like they were shivering. It was established that the pollen moved because sub-atomic particles are always moving, vibrating, because they were energy. Brownian Motion as it was coined proved that everything in existence is vibrating. Nothing is really solid although it seems that way to the naked eye. Therefore, if everything is energy is it not possible to control our perceived physical reality by means of the energy our thoughts create?

With all of these possibilities how can people assume that 2012 is the end of the world? Maybe it is only the beginning.

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