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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Ultimate Question? Who am I?

Is it possible that the ultimate question may be "who am I?" The question seems simple, but I think the answer is profound.

Peel away the layers. You are not your name or your identity number because without it you are still you. Other people will just not know who you are because they know you by your physical identity, but deep down it's still you. The question is what is that "deep down" I have just mentioned?

Who is doing the looking or asking this question? Who is reading these words? When you ask yourself this question; to whom or what are you speaking in your mind?


Ingrid said...

Dear Werner,

Your question made me think of fingerprints. Each persons DNA fingerprint is unique. Billions of people, each with a unique DNA fingerprint, how about that!

Here is some food for thought, a snippet from a piece entitled 'DNA Fingerprinting in Human Health and Society':

Like the fingerprints that came into use by detectives and police labs during the 1930s, each person has a unique DNA fingerprint. Unlike a conventional fingerprint that occurs only on the fingertips and can be altered by surgery, a DNA fingerprint is the same for every cell, tissue, and organ of a person. It cannot be altered by any known treatment. Consequently, DNA fingerprinting is rapidly becoming the primary method for identifying and distinguishing among individual human beings.

An additional application of DNA fingerprint technology is the diagnosis of inherited disorders in adults, children, and unborn babies. The technology is so powerful that, for example, even the blood-stained clothing of Abraham Lincoln could be analyzed for evidence of a genetic disorder called Marfan's Syndrome.

Werner K said...

That's interesting, but our DNA and fingerprints are our physical bodies. What are we beyond our physical bodies? Consciousness is not seated in our physical bodies or is it? If it is it means when our bodies die our souls also die. I do not believe that, so who are we?