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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Place for the Female Soldier

The feminine forms part of the natural balance of life. In recent times only have we found an absence of the feminine divinity in the religions on which so much of our lives and beliefs are based. In our history we find that Gods were both male and female or appeared in both forms. This even in the time of Ancient Greece, which we consider to be the most organised and civilised culture in history. For some reason our new religions do not include the feminine and even suggest they be obedient to men.

The issue of women in the military has also been debated for centuries. When I did my officers' formative course I had to do a staff paper on this very matter. I suggested that women have their place in the military just like in any other sphere of life based on a society that is already sexually balanced, which of course our society is not. Comparisons are made when one mentions women fighting with the men, but one cannot compare the two because they are different. In every moment of life the male and feminine compliment each other. They belong together and not one should have to be put in a position where they have to be subservient to the other.

I believe that in the military we should not decide where women should be placed or not. That decision should be left to them as it is left to men to decide for themselves, within reason in the context of military discipline of course. Women will end up where they need to be unless we try and influence their decisions based on our ignorance. Ignorance because nobody can measure the human spirit or force of will and ignorance based on misread religious dogma. Then when they get to where they do not want to be and fail because of undue pressure we feel justified in thinking them less worthy than men in some way.

History has shown us that people like Joan of Arc and Boudica had their places in military history. If they were exceptions how can we base all our beliefs on the basis that there are no exceptions, which is implied by the attitudes of society today.

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