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Saturday, June 05, 2010

FIFA 2010 World Cup Security

With the world diverging on the cradle of humanity and the nation which symbolises peaceful transformation in the world I would like to assure those coming to this country that South Africa is a safe place to be in general and especially now during this World Cup.

All necessary precautions have been taken and the level of covert security has also increased. I have some idea of the scope of this, but can obviously not divulge the details. All I can say is that it is world class in the way it is being implemented and the ease with which certain First World Countries are attending this World Cup should be an indication.

I for one have the fullest faith that International Visitors will be well-protected against crime and the vague possibility of terrorism. Now all you have to do is to enjoy the soccer and the world class South African hospitality.


Werner K said...

I forgot to mention that unfortunately we can do nothing about the British Media's incredible fear of snakes. I therefore recommend all Brits to come here, but to leave their media at home.

Anonymous said...

this very true,however i still hold some hope that, we would realise this soon.

Publish A Book said...

Very true