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Monday, June 14, 2010

One Day

One day when all the rivers are poisoned and all the trees are dead we will realise money cannot be eaten.

One day our children will be butchered in another useless war to feed the greedy.

One day at the moment when we pass on we will realise how empty our lives were except for the love we experienced.

One day when we meet with God we will realise God never chose sides.

One day we will learn that the best way to destroy our enemy is to love him because if you make your enemy your friend you destroy him.

One day we will understand that human life is worth more than gold.

One day we will come to see that we all suffered from the same diseases, but thought we were healthy because our neighbours were just as sick as us.

One day we will realise that our addictions never give us happiness, but just make us high for a short time.

One day we will realise that it is only those who were tortured who become torturers.

One day there will be peace, but humans may not be around to experience it and nature will continue unperturbed.

One day is all it takes to change the world.

1 comment:

Bobbie Anzalone said...

I am not usually without more words....but this touched me. deeply.