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Monday, July 19, 2010

Athena, the Greek Goddess of War

This sounds more like war should be practiced if needed. Funny enough the God Ares loves war, but always loses to Athena who does not love war. I agree that the love of war leaves one weak, but in the end to be prepared is the better and wiser option.

Athena invented the flute, the trumpet, the earthenware pot, the plough, the rake, the ox-yoke, the horse-bridle, the chariot and the ship. She first taught the science of numbers, and all women’s arts, such as cooking, weaving and spinning. Although a goddess of war, she gets no pleasure from battle, as Ares and Eris do, but rather from settling disputes, and upholding the law by pacific means. She bears no arms in time of peace, if ever she needs any, will usually borrow a set from Zeus. Her mercy is great: when the judges votes are equal in a criminal trial at the Areiopagus, she always gives a casting vote to liberate the accused. Yet, once engaged in battle, she never loses the day, even against Ares himself, being better grounded in strategy and tactics than he; wise captains always approach her for advice.


Henrik said...

I've always felt that a good officer and leader should prepare for the worst, but always hope for the best.

Of course, that goes for everything in life.

And of course, a person who enjoys fighting (or who joins the military to "blow shit up", quoting a story a friend of mine told me once) have no place in any modern military force, where the main role is peacekeeping, not waging war.

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