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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Loser Delusion

There are no losers in this world. The whole idea of "survival of the fittest" or "dog eats dog" or whatever other term you have to justify to step on other people just so that you can get high enough to lick the next butt, is one of the biggest reasons for the problems we have in the world today. Having a competitive spirit is short hand for "I need to beat others so that I can feel good about myself" and is akin to acting like royalty who think they have some kind of right to rule over their "minions".

The thing is all people are the same. Some are just better trained or better taught than others. The gene thing where some claim to have better genes than others is being proven incorrect by the new scientific field of epigenetics. Epigenetics proves that there is something higher than our genes that is the deciding factor. Yes, some may say the world is like a pool you have been thrown into and you have to learn to swim or drown, but all people survive no matter if they are "losers" or "winners". If we all had to learn to survive and only the winners made it why then are there so many to compete against?

Truth be told winning places undue strain on the competitor and in the end the only part that wins is the ego and the only thing the ego serves is the ego. Once you have won everything else feels unacceptable and that, my friend, is like being addicted to a drug. You will do everything for the next fix and the next time it may feel less good and so it will continue until you are old and cannot compete at which stage you will start to wonder what it was all about.

I have been a "winner" on various occasions in my life and have simply suffered from an inflated ego. I did not become happier by getting there and on the one occasion where I was on my way to being first and ended up being second it bothered me for days and I realised that if it had not mattered I may actually have enjoyed those days of feeling depressed, angry, unhappy and all the other negative emotions that went with it.

Winning gives you nothing substantial and it may even rob you of happier carefree times. Yes, by all means play the game of life, but do not believe your ego. One day it may leave you with nothing.




James Camm said...

Don’t forget one can win for oneself. I often have my own private challenges and if i succeed i win, no one has lost and unlike your memories of winning the rewards are great. I learnt to win went i was a child and that involved beating other children around me to make me feel special but it wasn’t about the squashing the others. They will have their chance. Everyone needs to feel a winner at some time in their life otherwise we are all at the bottom of the tank eating the same sh*t. Although i agree winning can often become an addiction but we all find our own ways to survive in this world. Ps who is in that picture up that mountain and where is it? I want to climb it. James Camm