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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Final Hours on Fossil Fuel Reserves

In his book The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, Thom Hartmann paints a bleak picture of the direction in which the world is heading. He explains how all fossil fuels are basically just captured sunlight energy, which has gone through the natural process of photosynthesis and then became plants and trees, which then died and over millions of years formed oil, natural gas and coal.

The problem is that we are over-drawing on our sunlight-energy account on the planet. Therefore it is only a matter of time before the account runs dry. What happens then without our early intervention now is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Unless we make a plan to bring this to the attention of more people sooner and get the oil-addicts into "rehab" we are all going to experience the dark side of greed pretty soon. I for one hope that I am wrong about this and that Mr Hartmann has made some wrong predictions.


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Bassequaliser said...

Hey, I'm always reading your posts. Lol. Some I think are funny even tho' they seem quite serious. And No, I don't think he's wrong. It's all just a money making scheme. The people who are apparently philathropists currently ignore the world's plea. They gonna do what they did with the dodo's, what they are doing to the rhino's. They are going to destroy it till it's dead. That's the plan. South Africa can be a pioneer and still become a rich and powerful nation without fossil fuels but currency is the main game plan. Everything's gonna flop.
Anyways, want to hear a funny story? I was at the Port Elizabeth Army Support Base yesterday because, after many months of deliberating, wanted to sign myself up and see if I can serve in uniform for 2 years and after saving up that R6000/month basic training salary (apparently, but correct me if I'm wrong) so I can actually make something of myself, this 4 ft 9 midget recruitment officer tells me I'm 23 and 'I'm too old, sorry' and I must try somewhere else. Hahaha. What a joke. He suggested I download the application forms and send it to the address on the forms. Hahahahaha. Well, I'm too old for the army but not too old to be a policeman (I have no interest in being a policeman). Does this sound right to you Werner?