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Sunday, December 19, 2010

American Conservative Politics and Mars

Many centuries ago a group of pioneers left Europe to escape the very conservative and oppressive approach of the time where the Church ruled and the four basic freedoms from/of fear, want, religion and speech were very limited or non-existent. They set foot upon a continent they called The New World and this new world culminated in the signing of the Declaration of Independence many years later by a group of men known as "The Founding Fathers" who were attempting to help their countrymen move away from the conservative way of doing things to a more enlightened way.

It seems like the Palins and the Cheneys and Limbaughs of ancient Europe have caught up though. Americans in general are good big-hearted people by nature and unfortunately in that lies a weakness that can be exploited by those inclined to exploitation for power reasons. These people will stop at nothing to sway the American Spirit to what they want and unfortunately it is the American Public who decides what happens in the world, for now anyway.

As long as there are people about who are intelligent and power-hungry enough to attempt to sway international events their way the world will never know peace. Unless the masses open their minds and their ears and their eyes non-selectively the next Pilgrimage will be to outer space to a new Plymouth Rock.

You can rest-assured though that in a hundred years after that the Bush's and Becks and Ryans will arrive to save the new pilgrims from those who saved them - and they will believe everything they are told as long it is done under the new flag followed by the phrase "God Bless Mars".

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